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  • Our contractors will handle the process of reconnecting your pipes, lines and everything else
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Services of National Walk-In Tub

We make it our business to offer a wide range of options to our customers. We are masters when it comes to the installation process of your new walk-in tub. Our contractors will be sure to give you the best and most secure remodel that will have you ready to use your new tub in no time. We specialize in tear-outs, remodeling, installations, and custom tubs.

We are not brand specific, meaning that we work with several different brands to bring you the bathroom remodel of your desires. Our contractors will handle the process of reconnecting your pipes, lines and everything else that goes into making sure your remodel is smooth. 

National Walk-In Tub is located in Houston and seeks to deliver the highest quality walk-in baths on the market. All of our tub models are installed using quality components to ensure a durable, efficient and relaxed experience. Only the strongest materials on the market are used in each of our tubs. The hulk of your indoor bath is made of high-quality, triple gel coat finishing fiberglass. Not only does this mix of materials make your bath highly robust, but it also makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

Our single-pipe, stainless steel frame with 6 feet of leveling permanently protect each of our walk-in tub bodies to make maintenance easier and maintain the integrity of your tub over time. We take your health and comfort into account from the early stages of the design process to the final phases of production.

We understand that each of our clients ‘ situations are special. Your health, however, is our number one concern. For this reason, each of our models comes with standard safety elements like built-in safety bars, non-slip, smooth flooring, easy-grip handles, a waterproof door, an effective drain system and beautiful, simple to use hackers. Every model includes these standard safety features. When you invest in a National Walk-In Tub, you can make sure you are floating in the best bath on the market.

In addition to our safety features, you’ll love our exclusive, luxurious features that turn your walk-in bath into your own exclusive spa experience that you can enjoy every time you swim, in the privacy of your own home. Each of our luxury features offers health benefits that make you feel healthier, refreshed, more comfortable, versatile and relaxed after you bathe.

Our hydromassage and air massage systems can be individually or jointly installed. Both devices together minimize joint and muscle discomfort and swelling in the body’s main regions. Air bubbles improve circulation and reduce the signs of diseases like fibromyalgia and diabetes. We give chromotherapy, aromatherapy, heated seating, ozone hygiene, etc. Visit our website to learn how you can build your custom walk-in tub specifically to fulfill your own personal needs and wishes.

We are committed to providing competitive prices and excellent customer service along with building tubs that give our customers a lasting sense of safety and satisfaction. Such high expectations are illustrated by our customer reviews and the A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You are simply choosing the best in a sit-down bath when you invest in a National Walk-In Tub. Therefore, do not hesitate today to contact us.

We have 7 days a week customer service representatives to answer your questions and to direct you. We are very excited to talk to you. Your customized installation and remodel is just a moment away with us. Pick National Walk-In Tubs for your preference. Call 832-303-3761 today.

National Walk-In Tub Installations

National Walk-In Tubs are installed by factory technicians who have been qualified and certified. Our service team will remove and dispose of your old tub. The new National Walk-In Tub will be completely installed. Our experts work efficiently and carefully to ensure a pleasant experience. After they have been mounted, they check everything and show you how to run your new walk-in bath.

Also, under our unrivaled lifetime warranty, your walk-in tub installation is covered completely. We are the only organization in which both the walk-in baths, the construction, and the labor are covered. That’s the contrast that comes with National Walk-In Tub.

With National Walk-In Tubs, our baths can be mounted easily within one or two days. Many projects only take one day! The installation process begins with the careful removal of your current bath that is either discarded or recycled. We then install your new tub so that your floors, walls, and other fittings are not harmed. After we have done, you have a beautiful new bath which not only provides a better bath experience, but can also refresh the whole look of your bathroom!

Our team is trained to handle complete bath tear-out and remodels, so if this is your situation, do not hesitate to call on us! Although we do not work with shower attachments, our professionals have the experience and expertise to handle just about anything else. If you are looking for a custom walk-in tub and contract remodelers, National Walk-In Tub is your business.

Remodeling Your Bath Area

The idea and process of remodeling an entire bathroom can be overwhelming. Because of this, it is important to make sure that you have professionals behind you that know what they are doing. Our contractors have ample experience to be able to give you the advice that you need. It is always in your best interest to have experts in your corner because they can help steer you toward your greater vision.

This is what National Walk-In Tub can do for you. Not only can we walk you through the process of customizing your own walk-in tub that best suits your needs, but we can also remodel your bathroom in a way that will allow you to get the best out of your new tub addition. This is something that is invaluable.

Our remodels are clean, precise, efficient and pleasing to the eyes. Everything that you will need to be able to enjoy your sit-down tub, we can assist you with. Choosing and/or customizing your tub is only half the battle. Making sure that the remodel is running smoothly is the other half.

Everything from safely removing your existing tub, preserving the conditions of the surroundings, to safely installing your new tub is a priority. Our team does not skip the important details. Clients who work with us consistently note how great our work is, from start to finish.

Connecting Your National Walk-In Tub

Perhaps the most important and time-consuming part of the entire process is making sure that the connections to your new tub as hooked up properly. For this, you will need a trained and licensed professional. Working with wires and pipes can be stressful and potentially even unsafe. With us, you can rest assured that your tub will be connected correctly.

Projects such as securing the drain, installing and connecting the faucets, and making sure the water runs smoothly are all crucial details in securing a functioning tub. Every homeowner’s worst fear is a water leak in the home. You can avoid this by ensuring that you have the proper team completing your work.

Each phase of the remodeling is reviewed with you by our contractors before the work starts. We will take measures to keep your home clean and secure throughout the construction process. Our own installation by our highly trained and professional technicians is guaranteed to be outstanding and to meet your standards.

The sturdy material used to create your shower is also built to withstand daily wear and tear. No scratches, fading or unsightly cracks–guaranteed! You can rely on our experts to install a new bathroom that will keep your look and feel elegant and beautiful in the coming years.

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National Walk-In Tub is very proud to be part of the local community. Like you, our workers and the administration want to live and function in safe and thriving communities. Whether it includes staff-related events, direct charitable donations or community service, we take our responsibility to the Houston community seriously.

Regardless of whether you concentrate on usability, functionality or comfort, our bathroom renovators in Houston will complete your entire project in just a day, without mess or loss of quality. Our team of designers and installers help you to select the right items and accessories for your budget and lifestyle.

We handle everything from completely renovated baths to basic bath replacements. When the work has been finished, we take a final walk-through to ensure that your home is clean and safe and that your new bathroom is 100% satisfying to you. This is our promise and mission to you. Our clients and their satisfaction always come first.

Call us today to find out why thousands of local customers depend on National Walk-In Tub! With a free in-house estimate and professional consultation, we are pleased to start your bathroom remodeling. Our offices are open every day of the week from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Call (832) 303-3761 today to find out more about what National Walk-In Tub can do for you.