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What to do when your breaks are squeaky

Squeaky brakes are an issue that most automotive users deal with every once in a while. Most often wonder, are having squeaky brakes dangerous, and why are my breaks squeaking? At Ford, we’ve always made a promise to provide the absolute best customer service to every customer we see. Therefore, we are going to give […]

Ford Parts and Accessories

Ford Motor Company prides itself on designing and manufacturing the best quality and most technologically advanced auto parts. We want you to know that you can rely on our standards. Whether you are completing a DIY project on a Ford vehicle or bringing it into a dealership for repairs, we are here for you when […]

A Glimpse of the 2021 Ford F-150 Line-Up

The Ford Motor Company has always been known for its powerful trucks. The 2021 F-150 line-up is just one of our best truck series yet. The King Ranch, Lariat, and all-new Tremor have features that outmatch the competitors. Keep reading to find out more about our powerful line-up of 2021 F-150 trucks. 2021 F-150 King […]

Benefits of Purchasing The Works Package

At the Ford Motor Company, we are dedicated to providing the best service for our customers. Moreover, we strive to keep prices affordable so that you can get the best maintenance for your vehicle. Our certified, professional mechanics care deeply about making sure your vehicle is always ready for the road, no matter where you […]

Beneficial features of the Ford F-150

For years, Ford has provided its customers with numerous vehicle options. From fancy cars, to economy efficient trucks, Ford has it all. However, one vehicle has remained superior since its first introduction to the lot. That is the Ford F-150. There are many beautiful and durable trucks to choose from the lot, but still, customers […]

Truck or a Car–How to Choose?

For a long time, the Ford Motor Company has been known for its variety of trucks, cars, and SUVs. Most people will have an idea of what type of vehicle they are looking for before they go to a dealership. However, when it comes to choosing a car or truck, how do you decide? Keep […]

Choosing the Right Tires for Your Vehicle

Are you considering the purchase of new tires for your vehicle? If so, know that there are many different options to choose from. Many consumers can find this overwhelming. However, if you purchase your tires with climate and terrain in mind, you will likely get the most out of your investment. Keep reading for information […]

The Benefits of Using Ford OEM Parts

The Ford Motor Company strives to provide the best automobiles and parts for consumers. Furthermore, our mechanics are professionally trained and offer reliable service for your vehicle’s maintenance needs. When it comes to replacing parts on your vehicle, you might choose to take it to a dealership or perform the repair yourself. No matter what […]

How to know your air compressor needs replaced

With summer approaching soon, now is the right time to ask yourself if your car’s air compressor needs replaced. If you live in a state where it is unbearably hot, then not having a working A/C is certainly miserable. With the steady flow of a working A/C, you’re able to keep yourself cool in the […]

At-Home vs. Dealership Oil Change

Getting an oil change for your car every three months or six thousand miles isn’t just beneficial to improving the longevity of your car’s life. In fact, without regular oil changes, your car’s performance will decline significantly until, eventually, its ‘circulatory system’ becomes clogged. When oil flows through your vehicle’s system, it lubricates numerous engine […]